River Boat Holidays



  • You are a looking for a romantic boating holiday with your partner in a private atmosphere?
  • You want to enjoy unforgettable family holidays on the water with your children/grandchildren?
  • Or are you just looking for some fun with a group of up to 12 friends?


I any of these cases, River Boat Holidays are exactly the right thing to go for. As your own captain on your fully equipped floating ” holiday apartment “, you navigate at relaxed pace through rivers and lakes, enjoy the surrounding natural beauty or explore fascinating cities such as Venice , Berlin or Prague. You take care of yourselves with a fully equipped kitchen or you explore the culinary offerings ashore.

River Boats are easy to handle, and they are license free in most areas, with very few exceptions. You will receive an instruction at the charter base as part of the check in.

River Boats are available in various sizes and comfort classes – from the simplest to the most luxurious amenities. Some operators offer Wi-Fi or rental of bicycles to take on the boat. There is enough space available. Additional costs are usually low, as you can moor outside of marinas at no cost in most areas. Some operators allow booking for single days or over the weekend. We will be happy to help you with your planning.

In cooperation with our River Boat charter partners we can offer River Boat holidays for the following destinations:



France offers a wide range of River Boat holidays through various regions. Here our special recommendations:


Canal du Midi:

The canal was constructed during the 17th century and connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea, taking you through the sun-drenched vineyards and beautiful villages of Languedoc – one of France’s most fertile wine regions.



The always sunny Camargue offers numerous spectacular beaches, traditional harbors , fishing villages and beautiful old towns . The region is the exclusive habitat in France for a unique population of Flamingos.



This is the region of exclusive wines, delicacies and excellent restaurants, embedded in a rich historical heritage of medieval castles and churches. The Burgundy channel is one of the most beautiful in France, but also the one with the highest number of locks, due to the fact that a difference in altitude of 300 meters needs to be overcome. Don’t miss visiting Auxerre Cathedral and the Burgundy capital city of Dijon, once the home of the legendary Dukes of Burgundy.


Loire Valley:

Experience pleasant riverboat journeys with few locks. A peaceful countryside ride with breathtaking views over vineyards and charming towns and villages.




Exploring Venice from the River Boat makes a real difference! Imagine the fantastic view on the lagoon city from the deck of your house boat while you navigate through the canals and rivers . On the surrounding islands, you will discover unique and unspoiled landscapes. You may also want to visit the lagoon of Marano, the city of glass blowing .



The 1000 lakes of Mecklenburg Lake District are a paradise for both water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Those who are interested in history and culture can visit numerous castles on their way. Did you know that you can also visit Berlin and Potsdam by River Boat? However, these destinations require a license. Please contact us for more details.



Take a River Boat ride on the romantic Vltava River, made legendary through the famous composer Smetana with his piece of music of the same name. Visit Prague, rich of historical sights, with the Hradcany high above the river. Your charter base is just an hour’s drive north of the historic city center of Prague. Further north you will find the magnificent castles of Nelahozeves, Veltrusy and Melnik. This is where the rivers Vltava and Elbe merge. The Elbe passes vineyards along of one of the most important wine-growing regions in the Czech Republic. The inner city of Litomerice is under monument protection.



The Masurian Lake District consists of almost 3000 lakes with a size of more than one hectare each. 25 of the most beautiful lakes are connected by picturesque canals and idyllic rivers. Numerous animal species are at home here in the midst of a rich fauna. Other than that, water sports in any way are the focus of events in the area. Anglers, sailors, paddlers and motorboat drivers meet here with good spirit and in a relaxed atmosphere.



Waterways almost everywhere lead through a myriad of villages and towns with great charm and rich historical heritage. Windmills and fields of tulips line the canals outside of the towns. Enjoy the cafés and bar onshore, have a chat with the open and friendly Dutch people . Visiting Amsterdam from a River Boat is a special experience.



The Saimaa Lake District is a labyrinth of large and small lakes, bays, islands and peninsulas connected by calm or rapid rivers, but also by locks and short canals. Saimaa is not only the largest contiguous lake district in Finland, but in all of Europe. Covering an area of ​​74,000 sq km, the lake district stretches from Lappeenranta in the south 330 km north to Iisalmi and Nurmes. The total water area of ​​Saimaa is 12,300 sq km. Fringed by forested shores, this expanse of lakes is dotted with 33,000 islands and cliffs. There are 3300 km of marked waterways. You can moor at 70 ports or in one of the numerous natural bays on your journey. Here in the midst of idyllic, intact nature, you will experience unforgettable holidays.


Please contact us directly for more detailled information and booking!

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